The Seven Stones

What are we going to do next?

The angered look upon the druid’s face outweighs the grimace he held before when he first realized his wounds… “What are we going to do now? Shall we press on, fall back, or stay where we are currently. I am sure you could all use some rest.. as could I. The Great Oak should grant me more spells come dawn, but I have very little left that can assist us now… save a few spells that can detect the dweomers on any potential magical items. (He crouches over one of the Lizard men, prying and lifting the limbs… studying the neck, joints, scales, eyes… trying to fully understand the beast’s abilities and weaknesses, if any.) Glancing over his shoulder… “Well?? What are we going to do?”

ice battle

One flaming ice giant plummeting to the depths of the chamber later, the intrepid band of adventurers prepares to delve deeper into this cavern with the hopes of finding the womb of the Ice Bitch and halting the re-birth before we are all in her frigid embrace.

As the seven move forward they find themselves in a suspended walkway that splits in two directions. Strange shapes and lights can be seen far below in what seems to be a large chamber. Uleck and Yearing determine that this is quite the engineering feat, almost dwarf-like if not quite up to their standards.

This same walkway, which seemed so solid, suddenly starts to sag a bit as sickly blue flames start to eat at the foundations. The lizardmen and the rest of the Ice bitch forces are trying to bring the whole walkway down with us on it by using an alchemical concoction that dissolves stone.

Uleck quickly determines that the bridge is going to fall so he yells “Get out of the bridge!!!!” and proceeds to run straight towards and then through the blue flames and into the middle of a pack of waiting lizardmen and barbarians. They don’t stand a chance as he chops them like dry twigs.

Rhaynoss, noticing how precarious our situation is, proceeds to give us this bit of insight, in true Rhaynoss form:”I will be the only one to survive this.”

The enemies have a wizard! And this wizard seems to be casting some defensive spels that Yearing can’t quite decipher. No matter, since Timault and Alaina proceed to make a pincushion out of him. But the wizard is crafty and instructs one of his barbarians to stand between him and the rogues’ arrows, which the dim-witted barbarian happily does.

The rest of the party struggles with how to get off the walkway before it crumbles. The paladin and the cleric follow the dwarf’s lead and start going down the same passage. Alaina and Timault, contrarians ‘till the end, take the opposite passage. Rhaynoss turns into the now familiar owl and flies around the cavern. Yearing uses his engineering skills to figure out which part will fall first and stands on the other one while still lobbying spells at the rather large assemblage of enemies waiting for them.

Fortuitously enough, the opposing evil wizard has to contend with his own forces trying to squeeze the life out of him for some odd reason, but not before discharging a mighty Ice Storm that hurts some in the party. You see, one of the barbarians suddenly feels this urge to grapple and kill his own wizard while some of the other barbians and lizardmen look terribly confused. These confused individuals act erratingly, somtimes charging Yearing even though he is still in the suspended walkway far from their attacks, sometimes just standign there dumbfounded, and sometimes attacking each other.

Half the walkway comes down in a spectacular clowd of dust and debris. The paladin and the cleric get down before this happens but Mizziark falls down and finds himself at the feet of a couple of lizardmen. Sir Heinrich starts hacking away trying to proctect Mizziark. Rhaynoss turns back into human form and throws small balls of fire everywhere. Timault keeps shooting fire bolts at the evil wizard, who decides he will dimension door next to Yearing in part to escape the traitorous barbarian and in part to pummel Yearing with his staff. Alaina dances aroudnd the floor of the chamber, both her and Timault having jumped off the platform at a very safe height, gleefully stabbing every henchman in her path. Uleck keeps hacking away, frequently chopping down two enemies in a single blow.

From his vantage point, Rhaynoss can see further into the chamber. He sees many corpses and he also sees a larger and more powerful lizardman along with another ice giant. Yearing leaves the evil wizard to his own devices by turning into an admittedly small green dragon and flying away to the floor of the chamber, near Uleck and Rhaynoss. Before the walkway crumbles completely, the evil wizard casts a flying spell and proceeds to follow Yearing, but Timault just takes advantage and keeps peppering him with bolts. Annoyed and in pain, the wizard syphons some life force out of Timault and into himself in a rather painful way. But the Calishite rogue just steps back and calmly finishies him off with some other well-placed shots from his enchanted crossbow.

By now, most of the lizardmen and barbarians are dead, killed by either Alaina, Mizziark, Sir Heinrich or each other. But here come the other lizardman and the giant. They strike true on Uleck, who characteristicaly had stepped forward to meet their advance, drawing blood with their terrible weapons. Rhaynoss lobs fire orbs at them while they take a strange formation in which the lizardman rides the giant and they attack almost in unison. Yearing attempts to manipulate them magically, but these are no weak-willed henchmen. They strike Uleck and Rhaynoss repeatedly. At this late point of the fight the Stones are able to focus all their combined might on them though, resulting in their deaths. Mizziark uses his magics to heal the dwarf and the druid. The contractions are more violent now. The Stones are trying to decide how to proceed.

Yearing and Mizziark propose haste and urge the party to stop the birthing before its too late. Others propose looting the corpses before. What will the Stones do?

Can't hold back the spring

“How much I would like to lay down in your fertile embrace, Great Mother, but there is no time for rest. As you know all too well, Mother, during the birthing is the greatest vulnerability. I will share your healing touch with your children here, and then we shall cull the evil and usher your spring to this land.” He whispers a prayer and turns to assess the wounds on his companions and himself.

“O Chauntea, in your wisdom do you think the red one can use this scroll given to me?” He holds 5 spells in one scroll he was given out to Yearing.

OOC: I don’t remember if scrolls are universal, or if this is a divine scroll that wizards can’t use. It has hold person, augery, suggestion, cure serious wounds, and something else cool I can’t remember.

aka, what is going on with the 'bad guys'

“What is it you see?!”

“Hush. The more you speak, the more I must ignore your sweet voice to concentrate.” Her sarcasm left him gritting his teeth, but he suffered her tone as he always had.

“Isstiin moves closer even now,” she said, her pair of blank orbs reflecting the blue light of the chamber. “The battle is on in full. They are seven in number, these infidels I see through his eyes.” A smile curved her cold, azure lips into an appreciative grin. “Quite clever, that,” she whispered.

“What happens? What happens!!” His voice grew in anger.

“They have hidden in a space beyond space. Oh, they are crafty. Gordenharn thought them retreated to the outside, but they were right in the Mother’s Womb the whole time. They will slaughter them to a man.”

He laughed loud and the sound was like icicles thrown against glass. “We cannot be opposed! Not here!”

“You mistake me,” she said, her sightless eyes turning to his. “It is the intruders that will send Isstiin and the others to the barren paradise of our Mother.” Her face turned back to where it had been, looking where nothing was, yet seeing all.

“Even through the cold-folk’s shaman, from this distance, I can feel the warmth of them. They’ve a tree-priest with them, and the half-wit Earth bitch’s follower that She warned us of.” Her forehead lined with a scowl. “A wizard as well. Thayan, it seems, from his illustrated skin. By her frigid hands, what have they in this?” She gritted her teeth. “Two swift ones. A man and a woman. They protect their spell-thrower. And a dwarf whose axe moves like the teeth of Sekolah.”

He hissed at that. “I suppose that one’s here by chance as well?”

“Hush.” Her concentration deepened. “Their seventh is a knight of Torm. That one will sink the quickest to her cold embrace, I would think.”

She shook her head and her eyes returned to their deep green color. “Isstin is being attacked, and it is only a matter of time before Kiissath and Luchtiiss fall as well.” She waved her hand over a pond of ice that lay on the table before them. They both looked into the mirror that formed and watched as the battle waged beneath their gaze.

“They would seem formidable were it not for the limping foolery that you send against them.” His teeth clenched together and she patted him on the side of the face.

“To gauge their power, dear one. They are fanatics, true, but they would hold no place in my mistress’ holy kingdom.”

What was the nearest thing to a frown came to his mouth. “You have said the same of the Otersdotter, and even you cannot deny her strength.”

She looked at him with incredulity. “And where shall she keep it? In the crystalline place she holds in the Spine Of The World?” She turned back to the scrying surface. “Let her keep her bed with Obould and his smelly ilk They would make a fitting royalty for a land filled with enemies from Silverymoon to Waterdeep, for that is what they have awakened.”

She bent down to kiss the ice, to dart soft licks on its surface and feel the sweet ecstasy as the grip of its cruel cold tore a thin strip of skin from her tongue. “My Mother’s empire shall be as she sees fit. Flat. Cold. Empty. She has no use for the creatures that live in the mountain holes for the good folk to mine for and slaughter. The Jarl’s daughter will join us or die, if she is not killed before.”

“What of the planes is that?” He turned his head about to watch as a mound of frozen vegetation attacked the dwarf in silent violence.

She giggled softly. “A gift from the Mother. A little token to show the Southern fools that She can hold even their warmth and heat within her merciful embrace.”

“Quite ingenious,” he said. “You see? We are clever in our own right.”

“And we must stay so, dearest, and ruthless as well, lest you become as your doddering cousin.”

He hissed at that and she placed a finger to his mouth.

He pulled away from her. “I have had enough of your voyeur’s delights. I hie to the halls once more.” He looked at her fiercely. “And I feel you knew I would be saying that.”

“Of course,” she replied. “Once we have freed the Mother, we shall have fuel for the fire, so to speak. And if we stomp on the intruders in the process, more the better.”

“And if they finish what they have come to start?” he asked.

She waved her hand dismissively. “Pointless to consider. Either they cull the weak or are culled themselves. The fires eat at the mountains and widen Her alter upon this earth. Let them eat into her followers to see who deserves to stand in her winds. You shall return to the halls and ensure we move as needed there.” She noted his impatient stance. “And, lest you feel left out of the mysteries we so try to keep around you like shadows, my handsome brute, here is what Gordenharn and I have planned for the infidels…”

And here's your damn re-cap, DM Style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Dan our GM, tells us what happened in story-form.

Ulek shook himself with fury, the newly formed crystals of ice that sheathed his body sending waves of pain throughout his dwarven limbs. “By the eyes of Moradin,” he muttered, “I’ll not fall from the elements.” His hand glowed hot red and raw where he gripped his axe. Nothing to do but get warm with battle, he thought.

The seven Stones looked toward the passage that lead to the east, their eyes squinting and tear-filled against the blinding light that filled the cavern like the gaze of a vengeful god. Already the gaping hole in the floor before them had begun to turn to a slushy scab. The fierce, unnatural cold made quick work of the frothing water and begged it return to the sheet of freezing mirrors, to join the rest of the surfaces about the cavern in their bid to fill the halls as bright as Lathander’s heart.

“There,” Alaina said as she pointed off toward the east. “The light dims.” The adventurers stepped past the shaft of light that smote the ground near them with its brilliance. Alaina dared a glance up and regretted it at once. She rubbed her eyes as globes of yellow and white danced about the insides of her eyelids.

“She speaks true,” The druid whispered. “Where the hall travels the light does not follow. I suspect darkness. No shafts from above to blind us, yet no darkness will.”

Once again the druid and the massive Mizziark blinked away some unnatural pain. Both spoke to the others of an unseen hand that opposed them, the Great Oak and the Earth mother seen as enemies in the hall.

“I’ll be taking the lead, as is a true dwarf,” barked Ulek as he stomped off. “Better’n to my liking, be these halls without the hard drip of the Frostmaiden. But I’ve only to see, as the rest of ye cannot. Maybe I’ll whet the edge of my mistress’ lips on a few of those bastards afore you come wreck my fun.”

The group marched on, a hundred feet east down the corridor as the light died behind them and a natural staircase came into view. Up the steps and further on straight went the dwarf, as Timault paced him a few yards behind, the feet of the lanky half-Calashite stepping toe first and revealing no sound.

The hall broke open into a wide chamber that dove down into the stone and ice of the mountain. Had there been the light, as before, the dwarf would have been stricken sightless. Every surface held its skin of ice. Each nook and cranny held the Tears of the Frostmaiden on its face, on its edge, as if it were made of her hoary skin. A massive pillar, a natural formation that dominated the center of the cave, seemed to hold the ceiling in it�s delicate hand some sixty feet from the floor.

“The druid whispered a few instructions of how he�it�would communicate, as the hands of the Great Oak shaped his living clay once again into the form of a small snowy owl. The owl soared off into pitched darkness. Each swoop and glide was wrought with the unknown. He alit upon the floor, his talons scrabbling for purchase on the ice that covered it. He quickly returned.

“The darkness fouled my attempt to reconnoiter,” he said to himself as he returned. He convinced the group that they must forge on, though, his wing and nod dance granting them insight as to what lay ahead.

“Two stairs,” Ulek said. “One to either side. They are steep and treacherous. Oooh, t’were me, this’d make a fine place to meet unwanted guests.”

“Let the hardiest head down, then,” Yearing offered. “The bows and spells will reach well from the ledge and the stairs.”

“Would reach better if it weren’t for the damnable spire,” said Timault.

“And if there�s more water under that ice, I’m doomed to sink with my sword. I’ll not chastise you with its origins. Let that be written in our songs.”

They started their way into the chamber. Rhaynoss flew again, this time flying to the far side of the column.

A dark, feminine voice echoed throughout the chamber.

“You’ve the reek of the South on each of you. Especially the tree-priest.”

Coins alit with arcane and divine illumination flew. Their light illuminated the floor and showed the Seven Stones its crystalline surface. Dark shapes writhed and swam beneath it.

“Who are you” a voice from their group cried.

“To come into the Womb of the Frostmaiden, one would be a supplicant to her mercies or an enemy. And I tell you we have smote mountains. A group of intruders is sure to fall to her winds.”

Rhaynoss and Mizziark felt the blast of her evil and fought for composure. Each saw a tragedy upon the earth in the darkness, felt the abomination in her breath, and heard damnation in her words.

The battle began as though a crack of fire powder had been hurled at a frozen flask. A pair of wolves appeared, flanking a woman whose skin spoke of sleepy, hypothermic death, yet whose hip was graced by a ring of fire upon a whip’s lash.

Arcane words barked through the air. Yearing’s spell of suggestion was shrugged away as the woman slammed her foot down upon a keystone of sorts, sending the crystal column collapsing into the icy water below.

The Stones retreated as the column collapsed, wary of being pulled into its deafening vortex as it fell to the waters below. Arrows flew from the bow of Timault, one striking neatly in the thigh of the woman.

Rhaynoss flew to the platform upon which the woman stood and coughed a brutal incantation; a mist enveloped the wolves and the woman.

The column at last disappeared into the chill froth, yet the gaping hole that remained vomited a half-dozen of the frozen lizard men, their tribal forms scurrying from the water as rats from a rising flood. They stood in a stance of contempt.

Ulek, Heinrich and Alaina rushed to meet the lizard men.

Screams poured from within the mist as Rhaynoss’ spell revealed it’s murderous claws.

Yearing melted and reformed, the strength and countenance of an ogre stomping across the ice to raise his comrades upon the dais to fight.

The winter wolves threw their horrid, arctic breath upon the heroes.

Timault cursed the druid for obscuring his quarry.

The screams of the woman disappeared into the darkness.

Alaina charged and stood solid as she warded against the winter wolves.

Lizard men fell and died.

Rhaynoss’ hands waggled with incredible speed and a column of fire stabbed down where the ice column once stood, throwing the lizard men to the water, and nearly Ulek as well. The lizard men died and the stones surrounded the wolves and smashed them with fury

The DM speaks (and Dan chimes in as well)

Stunning diatribes all around. Award each of yourselves 25 XP for your obvious attempts at staying in characters so far removed from your actual personalities.

Rhaynoss’ aside to Yearing regarding his spell against the ICY touch of death was my favorite. Kudo’s to Brian.

Harry Carey, you’re a funny drunk….

Yes, we are on for Sunday, for those of you that care.

‘berto, I never got the money in to the guys for the Bills game. If we want to see a way around it, we can start looking.

Leadership, if that is the mantle you choose, must be personified by decisiveness and a willingness to give the orders and accept the consequences. Anyone aspiring to lead must understand that there is no chain of command by committee.

Who has the guybut, and how did that first get brought up?

His Merciful Unswerving Omnipotence has taken steps to keep game flow going. I will be thrice as brutal in the future if you feel interruptions are still an issue. I make a point not to interrupt your continued haranging of one another unless I have descriptions or action to present.

In my own opinion, the only PC I have played close to my personality is Ovak. Not sure what you guys think, but Cesiphal is what I’d like to be, and Lukar is just plain fun. Wasn’t too hip with Narnock, and Brunhild didn’t play long enough to get a feel for her…...It seems to me most play the character they wish they could be, rather than adopting the personality that they currently have…wish you were silent and lithe? Or an unknown threat held barely in check? A lothario without the conflicts? Noble regardless of the helpless one’s color? Able to let loose all your rage with no thought to consequence or hypertension? A strong-willed metrosexual with the muscle and skill to back it up, yet still on the defensive?

I wish I had the noble purpose of the Elf-Hater, and maybe more of my personality bleeds through him than I’d admit. He does hate those who puts selfish purpose above the greater good, but is that my own self-loathing at what I saw myself as: an unltimately selfish ass?

Anyhoo, you are who you are, heroes. Accept it, bind your strengths, and defend your weaknesses.

Begun, the War of The Bitter Winds has…....

more rules ?'s

Just want to make sure I’m not doing any “fuzzy cooler math” and if you know official rulings on:

1) For rogues like you & me, Uncanny Dodge essentially means that our flat-footed AC is the same as our normal AC, correct?

The SRD says: Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Starting at 4th level, a rogue can react to danger before her senses would normally allow her to do so. She retains her Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) even if she is caught flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker. However, she still loses her Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized.

If a rogue already has uncanny dodge from a different class she automatically gains improved uncanny dodge (see below) instead.

So it would seem that we’re never caught flat-footed (sweeter than I thought). But yes, you’re correct.

2) With the Dodge feat, “any condition that makes you lose your Dexterity Bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose dodge bonuses. But Uncanny Dodge means you keep your Dex sooo would you be able to Dodge if caught Flat-footed?

The SRD says:

Benefit: During your action, you designate an opponent and receive a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks from that opponent. You can select a new opponent on any action.

A condition that makes you lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose dodge bonuses. Also, dodge bonuses stack with each other, unlike most other types of bonuses.

The operative words are: “During your action” which means that it only happens as soon as you act. If an enemy attacks before you do, you are still granted your dexterity bonus, but you haven’t had time to fully assess the situation in order to get full use of the dodge feat. Also take note of “you designate an opponent” which means you need to declare ONE opponent per round that you will be actively dodging.

3) Does Fighting Defensively count towards Touch AC? Its a Dodge Bonus so this essentially is the same question as #2; I have something that lets me keep my dex, does that also lets me keep all the dodge bonuses that would otherwise be lost without said dex? The SRD says:

Fighting Defensively as a Standard Action: You can choose to fight defensively when attacking. If you do so, you take a –4 penalty on all attacks in a round to gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC for the same round.

You need to declare it on your action. If you have not attacked yet you cannot receive the benefits of this action. Also take note that if you stop attacking (check on a dying friend, use a potion, ready an action, etc.) you lose the benefits of this action. Fighting Defensively would indeed count towards your Touch AC, but only AFTER you have declared and attacked.

Think of the Dodge feat and the Defensive Fighting action as “action dependent” bonuses. You only get them based on particular actions you take. If you haven’t taken an action then you don’t get the benefits (or penalties) of that action.

4) multi-class BAB is the BAB of the one class + the BAB of the other class right?

Yes. If Timault is a 4th level rogue, 4th level fighter he has a BAB of +7 (+3 for the rogue levels plus +4 for the fighter levels).

Your welcome,


rules questions

“So it would seem that we’re never caught flat-footed (sweeter than I thought). But yes, you’re correct.”

Points for me. However, by definition then, flat-footed AC for me cannot include Fighting Defensively. I assume it can include Two Weapon Defense, since thats a shield bonus.

The SRD says: Benefit: When wielding a double weapon or two weapons (not including natural weapons or unarmed strikes), you gain a +1 shield bonus to your AC.

When you are fighting defensively or using the total defense action, this shield bonus increases to +2.

So, I read this as meaning that if you have short swords drawn (wielded) when battle starts then yes, you get the +1 shield bonus to armor class. But you do not get the “second” +1 shield bonus until you declare that you are fighting defensively.

“Also take note of “you designate an opponent” which means you need to declare ONE opponent per round that you will be actively dodging.”

Like, say, oh I dunno…a blue lizardman holding onto an ice wall? :P Yeah, I knew this part and have it listed separately. Last night I counted it in vs “Alien Lizard” since that was the only one I was facing.

Makes sense. But say you were Timault and you were getting tag teamed by two frozen lizards. You would have to declare which one you were dodging from. I suggest you get accustomed to declaring which enemy you’re dodging from since Dan said he wanted us to declare actions. If we don’t take things for granted then he can’t get frustrated with us.

sooo what this means is that my next feat is Improved Initiative. :)

No rogue should be without it. It is one of the sweetest feats out there. A rogue with a high Dex (as any rogue worth her salt should have) can get the jump on her opponent and get a first sneak attack in. Hell, even Sir Heinrich has it.

Imagine Timault and Alaina working together flawlessly. Rogues get sneak attacks to multiple attacks with a full attack action, right? Alaina strikes, +4d6 damage (due to two sneak attacks) and then Timault, +4d6 damage. And that’s all before we flank our opponent. The most likely total for 2d6 is 7 (think Craps). So we’re each most likely adding 14 points plus two weapon strikes per round. That’s 28 points plus (2d4 + 3)2 + (1d6 +?)2 = a lot of dead bad guys.

“If Timault is a 4th level rogue, 4th level fighter he has a BAB of +7 (+3 for the rogue levels plus +4 for the fighter levels).” *thats exactly how I figured it. same principle for saving throws, i assume.**

Yep. Saving throws works the same way.

NEW QUESTION! What AC would Alaina use if she lost the initiative and was hit by something with a Touch attack? Flat-footed or Touch?

It would be Touch (which discounts all armor, shield, and natural armor bonuses) All of her Swifty McDex stuff would keep her from getting struck. This includes her Dex. modifier and ring of protection deflection bonus. The Dodge feat nor the Fighting Defensively would have kicked in since she has yet to act. After she declares actions that change her armor class other Touch attacks would take into account her Dodge feat bonus if she declared that she was dodging the spell caster with the green-glowing hand trying to touch her. But the shield bonus from Two Weapon defense wouldn’t count because the spell would still effect her because it in effect goes through the swords she uses for protection (or armor, or shield, or hide).

In game Timault being a fellow roguey McRogue and fighting alongside Alaina would have surely some idea of why she is so hard to hit even if others may meta-game it out themselves.

True. But I also remember Timault and alaina having in-game conversations regarding teamwork, rogue-like activity, etc. So your two weapon defense is a signature style that he’s seen you use. You of course know that he’s a great shot with his crossbow. But the sword he’s using now is a bit exotic (not enough that he would need a feat…) but the great two-handed scimitar does indeed have a wicked blade.

set for Suzail

Rising wobbily, Alaina tosses back her hair, adjusts her studded armor, and checks her swords. Satisfied, she turns to both Cameron and Mizziark and clasps her hands together. “My thanks friends, for the incredible journey. The good haste will no doubt make a difference. Brown eyes are resolute with determination. “Although my appointment is most likely a private audience, would you like to accompany me into the city? She makes a gesture towards Suzail. “I shouldn’t be more than an hour or maybe two.”

Mizziark starts to brush down the beautiful pegasus with surprising tenderness for one so big. “O great Mother, you work is seen everywhere, even in the city. But the city don’t like me, and I don’t like the city. I stay here and wait.”

Alaina nods, “Mizziark, please wait here until dusk. I suppose if we haven’t returned by then you should fly back. Once again….thank you.” With a quick glance to see if Cameron is interested, starts striding towards the city. “Coming, Master Bard?,” she asks over a shoulder.

You have arrived in the presence of Alusair, Steel Regent of Cormyr, and Caladnei, Archwizard of Cormyr. They stand amongst the bluetops, a small basket betwen them. The Steel Regent holds a bundle of a child in her left arm, her right hand gently caressing its brow. Caladnei leans against a great staff.

Alaina executes a formal bow, drops to one knee and keeps her eyes down until addressed.

Cameron Gergein, Mizziark and yourself are all in the presence of The Steel Princess/Regent and the Archwizard of Cormyr near the stand of bluetope in the field to the east of Suzail.

The other two mimic your fealty.

Alusair rolls her eyes. “By the Basket, on your feet! I’m a caretaker, not the Archcanon.” She turns to Caladnei. “See what can be done about an edict preventing this type of behavior.”

Attention all boppers.....

So it would seem that the war is on. The Stones make their new appearance as the nation of Cormyr struggles to renew its glory after The Goblin wars and the continuing aftermath of the conflict…....

Addressing the mountain of email I’ll try to get everything covered in this one. As always, if I’ve missed anything or you’ve something to add, let me know.


Point One: The most important one: Gaming time. I will be doing everything in my power to make the game move efficiently and smoothly, minimizing rule checks, funny-funnies, and “uhm…uhhh…uhms” from your DM. Kindly help out with this. We have yakkety blahed about distractions ad nauseum, so pitch in to help. Last BL game I saw Roberto and Chris as the only innocents in a hootenanny of guffaws. If someone’s mouth is going to open about jokes, start times, or other time-based diatribes, get your own chapel in order before tossing someone else’s coins to the floor and declaring your Father angered…..

Agree on a time to start, 9:30 to end, subject to game story at the time +/- 10 minutes (or at Morbid’s discretion), and we’ll do fine.

Point Two: Rule interpretation I will ask if I am unsure, or I will wing it, defend myself after the session is done, and reward/brutally punish those who question me then. I don’t want to scramble through books for obscura unless it warranted. Be prepared to defend what you question during game time. Be prepared to explain errata and rare items/abilities/spells during game time. Just be judicious. I will not smite thee unless you fuck with Point One.

Point Three: I could DM 15 campaigns on consective days of a Galactic Standard with one tentacle tied behind my amorphous form. Though I thank you for your concerns for my sanity. My mental schism is nothing a JagerBomb and the sweet smell of a woman’s flesh won’t cure for a bit…..

Point Four: Pre-emptive initiative will be used. Initiative is rolled at the end of a battle in preparation of the following one. I am confident you guys will like it.

Point Five: The expedition the Stones are about to embark on will demand your unmerciless physical prowess. Combat-intensive, folks.

Point Six: As Pat has already done, please let me know who your character is, what they may have been doing, and what they may want to accomplish before setting out. Currently:

Alaina has met with some rather important folk in a field east of Suzail, capital of Cormyr

Yearing and Muledi have just sat down to a civil trial.

Timault follows a road west from (Red Fern?) with a curious companion.

A hulking devotee of Chauntea named Mizziark stands with Alaina, joined by the erstwhile bard Cameron Gergein.

Ulek is in hot pursuit of Alaina and has just reached Blaustich, a town south of Sweetwillow and east of Suzail.

That leaves Rhaynoss and Heinrich

Hope that covers it. I will be sending off a prologue to our tale shortly.

Chris, I will send off a copy of Mizziark asap.

Peace to you all


“Ours are not the hands of Gods, nor the lips of angels, yet they move as the heavens do.”


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