The Seven Stones

Attention all boppers.....

So it would seem that the war is on. The Stones make their new appearance as the nation of Cormyr struggles to renew its glory after The Goblin wars and the continuing aftermath of the conflict…....

Addressing the mountain of email I’ll try to get everything covered in this one. As always, if I’ve missed anything or you’ve something to add, let me know.


Point One: The most important one: Gaming time. I will be doing everything in my power to make the game move efficiently and smoothly, minimizing rule checks, funny-funnies, and “uhm…uhhh…uhms” from your DM. Kindly help out with this. We have yakkety blahed about distractions ad nauseum, so pitch in to help. Last BL game I saw Roberto and Chris as the only innocents in a hootenanny of guffaws. If someone’s mouth is going to open about jokes, start times, or other time-based diatribes, get your own chapel in order before tossing someone else’s coins to the floor and declaring your Father angered…..

Agree on a time to start, 9:30 to end, subject to game story at the time +/- 10 minutes (or at Morbid’s discretion), and we’ll do fine.

Point Two: Rule interpretation I will ask if I am unsure, or I will wing it, defend myself after the session is done, and reward/brutally punish those who question me then. I don’t want to scramble through books for obscura unless it warranted. Be prepared to defend what you question during game time. Be prepared to explain errata and rare items/abilities/spells during game time. Just be judicious. I will not smite thee unless you fuck with Point One.

Point Three: I could DM 15 campaigns on consective days of a Galactic Standard with one tentacle tied behind my amorphous form. Though I thank you for your concerns for my sanity. My mental schism is nothing a JagerBomb and the sweet smell of a woman’s flesh won’t cure for a bit…..

Point Four: Pre-emptive initiative will be used. Initiative is rolled at the end of a battle in preparation of the following one. I am confident you guys will like it.

Point Five: The expedition the Stones are about to embark on will demand your unmerciless physical prowess. Combat-intensive, folks.

Point Six: As Pat has already done, please let me know who your character is, what they may have been doing, and what they may want to accomplish before setting out. Currently:

Alaina has met with some rather important folk in a field east of Suzail, capital of Cormyr

Yearing and Muledi have just sat down to a civil trial.

Timault follows a road west from (Red Fern?) with a curious companion.

A hulking devotee of Chauntea named Mizziark stands with Alaina, joined by the erstwhile bard Cameron Gergein.

Ulek is in hot pursuit of Alaina and has just reached Blaustich, a town south of Sweetwillow and east of Suzail.

That leaves Rhaynoss and Heinrich

Hope that covers it. I will be sending off a prologue to our tale shortly.

Chris, I will send off a copy of Mizziark asap.

Peace to you all


“Ours are not the hands of Gods, nor the lips of angels, yet they move as the heavens do.”



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