The Seven Stones

ice battle

One flaming ice giant plummeting to the depths of the chamber later, the intrepid band of adventurers prepares to delve deeper into this cavern with the hopes of finding the womb of the Ice Bitch and halting the re-birth before we are all in her frigid embrace.

As the seven move forward they find themselves in a suspended walkway that splits in two directions. Strange shapes and lights can be seen far below in what seems to be a large chamber. Uleck and Yearing determine that this is quite the engineering feat, almost dwarf-like if not quite up to their standards.

This same walkway, which seemed so solid, suddenly starts to sag a bit as sickly blue flames start to eat at the foundations. The lizardmen and the rest of the Ice bitch forces are trying to bring the whole walkway down with us on it by using an alchemical concoction that dissolves stone.

Uleck quickly determines that the bridge is going to fall so he yells “Get out of the bridge!!!!” and proceeds to run straight towards and then through the blue flames and into the middle of a pack of waiting lizardmen and barbarians. They don’t stand a chance as he chops them like dry twigs.

Rhaynoss, noticing how precarious our situation is, proceeds to give us this bit of insight, in true Rhaynoss form:”I will be the only one to survive this.”

The enemies have a wizard! And this wizard seems to be casting some defensive spels that Yearing can’t quite decipher. No matter, since Timault and Alaina proceed to make a pincushion out of him. But the wizard is crafty and instructs one of his barbarians to stand between him and the rogues’ arrows, which the dim-witted barbarian happily does.

The rest of the party struggles with how to get off the walkway before it crumbles. The paladin and the cleric follow the dwarf’s lead and start going down the same passage. Alaina and Timault, contrarians ‘till the end, take the opposite passage. Rhaynoss turns into the now familiar owl and flies around the cavern. Yearing uses his engineering skills to figure out which part will fall first and stands on the other one while still lobbying spells at the rather large assemblage of enemies waiting for them.

Fortuitously enough, the opposing evil wizard has to contend with his own forces trying to squeeze the life out of him for some odd reason, but not before discharging a mighty Ice Storm that hurts some in the party. You see, one of the barbarians suddenly feels this urge to grapple and kill his own wizard while some of the other barbians and lizardmen look terribly confused. These confused individuals act erratingly, somtimes charging Yearing even though he is still in the suspended walkway far from their attacks, sometimes just standign there dumbfounded, and sometimes attacking each other.

Half the walkway comes down in a spectacular clowd of dust and debris. The paladin and the cleric get down before this happens but Mizziark falls down and finds himself at the feet of a couple of lizardmen. Sir Heinrich starts hacking away trying to proctect Mizziark. Rhaynoss turns back into human form and throws small balls of fire everywhere. Timault keeps shooting fire bolts at the evil wizard, who decides he will dimension door next to Yearing in part to escape the traitorous barbarian and in part to pummel Yearing with his staff. Alaina dances aroudnd the floor of the chamber, both her and Timault having jumped off the platform at a very safe height, gleefully stabbing every henchman in her path. Uleck keeps hacking away, frequently chopping down two enemies in a single blow.

From his vantage point, Rhaynoss can see further into the chamber. He sees many corpses and he also sees a larger and more powerful lizardman along with another ice giant. Yearing leaves the evil wizard to his own devices by turning into an admittedly small green dragon and flying away to the floor of the chamber, near Uleck and Rhaynoss. Before the walkway crumbles completely, the evil wizard casts a flying spell and proceeds to follow Yearing, but Timault just takes advantage and keeps peppering him with bolts. Annoyed and in pain, the wizard syphons some life force out of Timault and into himself in a rather painful way. But the Calishite rogue just steps back and calmly finishies him off with some other well-placed shots from his enchanted crossbow.

By now, most of the lizardmen and barbarians are dead, killed by either Alaina, Mizziark, Sir Heinrich or each other. But here come the other lizardman and the giant. They strike true on Uleck, who characteristicaly had stepped forward to meet their advance, drawing blood with their terrible weapons. Rhaynoss lobs fire orbs at them while they take a strange formation in which the lizardman rides the giant and they attack almost in unison. Yearing attempts to manipulate them magically, but these are no weak-willed henchmen. They strike Uleck and Rhaynoss repeatedly. At this late point of the fight the Stones are able to focus all their combined might on them though, resulting in their deaths. Mizziark uses his magics to heal the dwarf and the druid. The contractions are more violent now. The Stones are trying to decide how to proceed.

Yearing and Mizziark propose haste and urge the party to stop the birthing before its too late. Others propose looting the corpses before. What will the Stones do?



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