The Seven Stones

rules questions

“So it would seem that we’re never caught flat-footed (sweeter than I thought). But yes, you’re correct.”

Points for me. However, by definition then, flat-footed AC for me cannot include Fighting Defensively. I assume it can include Two Weapon Defense, since thats a shield bonus.

The SRD says: Benefit: When wielding a double weapon or two weapons (not including natural weapons or unarmed strikes), you gain a +1 shield bonus to your AC.

When you are fighting defensively or using the total defense action, this shield bonus increases to +2.

So, I read this as meaning that if you have short swords drawn (wielded) when battle starts then yes, you get the +1 shield bonus to armor class. But you do not get the “second” +1 shield bonus until you declare that you are fighting defensively.

“Also take note of “you designate an opponent” which means you need to declare ONE opponent per round that you will be actively dodging.”

Like, say, oh I dunno…a blue lizardman holding onto an ice wall? :P Yeah, I knew this part and have it listed separately. Last night I counted it in vs “Alien Lizard” since that was the only one I was facing.

Makes sense. But say you were Timault and you were getting tag teamed by two frozen lizards. You would have to declare which one you were dodging from. I suggest you get accustomed to declaring which enemy you’re dodging from since Dan said he wanted us to declare actions. If we don’t take things for granted then he can’t get frustrated with us.

sooo what this means is that my next feat is Improved Initiative. :)

No rogue should be without it. It is one of the sweetest feats out there. A rogue with a high Dex (as any rogue worth her salt should have) can get the jump on her opponent and get a first sneak attack in. Hell, even Sir Heinrich has it.

Imagine Timault and Alaina working together flawlessly. Rogues get sneak attacks to multiple attacks with a full attack action, right? Alaina strikes, +4d6 damage (due to two sneak attacks) and then Timault, +4d6 damage. And that’s all before we flank our opponent. The most likely total for 2d6 is 7 (think Craps). So we’re each most likely adding 14 points plus two weapon strikes per round. That’s 28 points plus (2d4 + 3)2 + (1d6 +?)2 = a lot of dead bad guys.

“If Timault is a 4th level rogue, 4th level fighter he has a BAB of +7 (+3 for the rogue levels plus +4 for the fighter levels).” *thats exactly how I figured it. same principle for saving throws, i assume.**

Yep. Saving throws works the same way.

NEW QUESTION! What AC would Alaina use if she lost the initiative and was hit by something with a Touch attack? Flat-footed or Touch?

It would be Touch (which discounts all armor, shield, and natural armor bonuses) All of her Swifty McDex stuff would keep her from getting struck. This includes her Dex. modifier and ring of protection deflection bonus. The Dodge feat nor the Fighting Defensively would have kicked in since she has yet to act. After she declares actions that change her armor class other Touch attacks would take into account her Dodge feat bonus if she declared that she was dodging the spell caster with the green-glowing hand trying to touch her. But the shield bonus from Two Weapon defense wouldn’t count because the spell would still effect her because it in effect goes through the swords she uses for protection (or armor, or shield, or hide).

In game Timault being a fellow roguey McRogue and fighting alongside Alaina would have surely some idea of why she is so hard to hit even if others may meta-game it out themselves.

True. But I also remember Timault and alaina having in-game conversations regarding teamwork, rogue-like activity, etc. So your two weapon defense is a signature style that he’s seen you use. You of course know that he’s a great shot with his crossbow. But the sword he’s using now is a bit exotic (not enough that he would need a feat…) but the great two-handed scimitar does indeed have a wicked blade.



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