The Seven Stones

set for Suzail

Rising wobbily, Alaina tosses back her hair, adjusts her studded armor, and checks her swords. Satisfied, she turns to both Cameron and Mizziark and clasps her hands together. “My thanks friends, for the incredible journey. The good haste will no doubt make a difference. Brown eyes are resolute with determination. “Although my appointment is most likely a private audience, would you like to accompany me into the city? She makes a gesture towards Suzail. “I shouldn’t be more than an hour or maybe two.”

Mizziark starts to brush down the beautiful pegasus with surprising tenderness for one so big. “O great Mother, you work is seen everywhere, even in the city. But the city don’t like me, and I don’t like the city. I stay here and wait.”

Alaina nods, “Mizziark, please wait here until dusk. I suppose if we haven’t returned by then you should fly back. Once again….thank you.” With a quick glance to see if Cameron is interested, starts striding towards the city. “Coming, Master Bard?,” she asks over a shoulder.

You have arrived in the presence of Alusair, Steel Regent of Cormyr, and Caladnei, Archwizard of Cormyr. They stand amongst the bluetops, a small basket betwen them. The Steel Regent holds a bundle of a child in her left arm, her right hand gently caressing its brow. Caladnei leans against a great staff.

Alaina executes a formal bow, drops to one knee and keeps her eyes down until addressed.

Cameron Gergein, Mizziark and yourself are all in the presence of The Steel Princess/Regent and the Archwizard of Cormyr near the stand of bluetope in the field to the east of Suzail.

The other two mimic your fealty.

Alusair rolls her eyes. “By the Basket, on your feet! I’m a caretaker, not the Archcanon.” She turns to Caladnei. “See what can be done about an edict preventing this type of behavior.”



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