The Seven Stones

The DM speaks (and Dan chimes in as well)

Stunning diatribes all around. Award each of yourselves 25 XP for your obvious attempts at staying in characters so far removed from your actual personalities.

Rhaynoss’ aside to Yearing regarding his spell against the ICY touch of death was my favorite. Kudo’s to Brian.

Harry Carey, you’re a funny drunk….

Yes, we are on for Sunday, for those of you that care.

‘berto, I never got the money in to the guys for the Bills game. If we want to see a way around it, we can start looking.

Leadership, if that is the mantle you choose, must be personified by decisiveness and a willingness to give the orders and accept the consequences. Anyone aspiring to lead must understand that there is no chain of command by committee.

Who has the guybut, and how did that first get brought up?

His Merciful Unswerving Omnipotence has taken steps to keep game flow going. I will be thrice as brutal in the future if you feel interruptions are still an issue. I make a point not to interrupt your continued haranging of one another unless I have descriptions or action to present.

In my own opinion, the only PC I have played close to my personality is Ovak. Not sure what you guys think, but Cesiphal is what I’d like to be, and Lukar is just plain fun. Wasn’t too hip with Narnock, and Brunhild didn’t play long enough to get a feel for her…...It seems to me most play the character they wish they could be, rather than adopting the personality that they currently have…wish you were silent and lithe? Or an unknown threat held barely in check? A lothario without the conflicts? Noble regardless of the helpless one’s color? Able to let loose all your rage with no thought to consequence or hypertension? A strong-willed metrosexual with the muscle and skill to back it up, yet still on the defensive?

I wish I had the noble purpose of the Elf-Hater, and maybe more of my personality bleeds through him than I’d admit. He does hate those who puts selfish purpose above the greater good, but is that my own self-loathing at what I saw myself as: an unltimately selfish ass?

Anyhoo, you are who you are, heroes. Accept it, bind your strengths, and defend your weaknesses.

Begun, the War of The Bitter Winds has…....



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